C13S is a numeronym for cheminformatics. It is derived from its spelling as the letter C plus 13 letters and the last letter S. It is not carbon-13 monosulfide.I have been planning to start a blog in cheminformatics for about a year, ever since I started to study for Chemical Informatics in academia. There aren’t many blogs in chemistry on the web right now, even fewer in chemical informatics. I’ll try to add my own to the list. Ten Things That Surprised Me About Blogging by Rich Apodaca tells that it takes 6 months continuing writing before the blog gets noticed. And he also mentioned how a personal blog could help when a person tries to find a job. Well I am planning to find a job in either 6 months or a year, so let’s see if both things will prove to be true. Of course, the most important thing for me to blog is, to write down what interests me.